Connecting your bank account to your Health Savings Account

Connect your HSA and bank account for more control and easy transfers.

There are several benefits to connecting your bank account to your health savings account through HSA Central. The first is to make additional contributions into your account. This comes in handy when you want to make a catch-up payment for the tax year. Or maybe you’ve come across some extra funds and want to safe-keep them in your HSA. Whatever your reason, it’s a quick and easy way to transfer funds. Just make sure to monitor how close you are to the yearly maximum contribution limit.

Another benefit you gain is the ability to reimburse yourself for medical expenses directly into your bank account. This occurs when you use a form of payment besides your HSA Central Debit Card and want to pay yourself back. You can even use the receipt scanner to upload your medical transaction receipt, allowing you to keep track of medical expenses throughout the year.

Follow these steps to establish a connection between your bank account and your HSA Central account.

  1. Log into your account through the Consumer Portal, or on the HSA Central Mobile App
  2. Under Accounts, find I Want To, then Reimburse Myself
  3. In the Create Transaction section, select the Add Bank Account link
  4. Provide the required information to add your desired bank account
  5. After you enter the required information, you can use your bank account to contribute funds to your HSA or reimburse yourself for eligible medical expenses.

If additional information is needed or if you’ve recently made an update on your bank account, you may receive a prompt that additional information may be required. Email us at if you need assistance.

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