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Why would I want to invest my HSA funds?

You can invest excess HSA funds to help grow your future healthcare savings. Your investment returns and earnings are all tax-free.

  • Your HSA funds can roll over from year to year.
  • While your 401(k) is tied to your employer, your HSA is not.
  • Your HSA funds go with you if you retire or change jobs.

Once you reach age 65, you can use these funds tax-free for eligible healthcare expenses. You can use the funds for ineligible healthcare expenses; however, you’ll be subject to your regular income tax rate*.

Open An HSA


How do I invest my HSA funds?

You are in complete control of your HSA investments through HSA Central. Even better, you can set up your healthcare savings so that funds are automatically invested when you exceed the minimum $3,000 cash balance threshold for your HSA. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Log into HSA Central.
  2. Choose Manage Investments from the I Want To… section.
  3. Manage your defined investment amounts by selecting Manage Investment Transfer.
  4. View funds options and performance, set investment allocations, realign your portfolio, view additional details, and more.
  5. Earn tax-deferred interest on your HSA funds!

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*Please consult your tax advisor.
Not FDIC insured. • Not a deposit or other obligation of or guaranteed by any bank. • May lose value including possible loss of principal amount invested. • Not insured by any federal agency.